Sharing a few images that I took for this wonderful cookery book – My Repertoire – that is now in print. It was for Polly of @pollyannaskitchen – a hugely accomplished chef, and owner of a chilli and garlic condiment company.

Polly wanted the cookbook to be about her delicious recipes, as well as personal to her life, and also showing off her products and how they can make your cooking so much easier!

We included her Chillish and Garlish sauces in some, but not in all, as Polly wanted a very natural feel to the book.

As a photographer, it is always a lot more than just food. You need to be able to take portraits, details and fun elements to give the cookery book a really personal feel.

A fun one that made the book as we finished!

And the chap who stole the show, and who, of course, also made the book.


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