Advice on what to wear and how to pose for a Professional Headshot session e

Such are the demands of work and social media that we all need a variety of good images of ourselves to use.

And even if you dislike having your photo on social media (that’s me for sure), better to have one that shows you at your very best, than a poorly taken selfie.

I guarantee you the most flattering light, variety of poses and moods & backgrounds, to ensure you have a wide choice of beautifully lit images for use.

Things to consider when having your personal branding photo session

Who do I want these images to appeal, and what image do I want to project?

What is my business icons and brand colours.

Who is my dream client – ie, how do you want to project to them? This can be anything from a corporate suit, to gym wear; from images of you poring over a document, to laughing with a pet nearby.

Clothes and Props

Choose outfits that make you look good, and fit well. Clothes that you make you feel good. Choose a number of outfits to ensure the images look varied.

Consider props that fit with you brand… both in terms of what they are, and colours. These can sit in the background, or on a desk etc.

Bring a mirror and a hairbrush! And a clothes roller if you have pets!

Let me know what you don’t like… I have two deep furrows between my eyebrows, and would like them lessened in any pics. Not removed as that would look odd, and I am not in my twenties! But softened, yes please. So always let me know what you don’t like, and we can discuss how to ensure you get the very best images.

Styling and Posing

On the day, I help you with a wide range of poses, from formal, to powerful, to thoughtful to relaxed. Plus ensure we capture a range of moods from serious to joyful.

Get in Touch

Do email or ring me if you would like to chat about a session, or just ask a few questions.


Experienced photographer with many years photographing people and families, as well as shooting and styling food.