Drinks Photography for a Whisky Company

These are from a recent shoot for Glen Moray Whisky. The brief was for the idea of being on a hike, stopping for a picnic, and generally enjoying the outdoors and whisky. I sourced all the locations near me (it was all of few weeks out of lock down).

Choosing Locations for Photography Shoot

It took a fair amount of driving round to sort approximately 10 possible locations – even if some were just for one shot – to give the impression of being out on a long walk, and stopping in a number of different places to enjoy a glass of whisky.

Creativity & Collaboration with the Client

Such a shoot involves many emails, moodboards, and honing down to ensure the client is getting what they want, and that I completely understand what the client wants.

Glen Moray Whisky

Glen Moray is a single malt whisky, distilled on the banks of the River Lossie since 1897, just outside Elgin, one of Scotland’s oldest towns.

Frensham Pond

Note the water in the background of one of the images – this is Frensham pond (really I lake it’s so big!) where I swim most mornings!


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