Good personal branding business portraits can help you reach more customers

A selection from a fabulous and varied business portrait session

How good head shots will give you more confidence

Very few people want to sit in front of a camera and have their picture taken!

But I can promise you that I will make it as fun as possible, as well as ensure you have the most fabulous images to use across all your business, website and social media platforms.


Having a visual presence that reveals the side of you that you want to show to the business world is so important to help you reach the right people. To reach your target audience.

ARE formal white or grey background head shots a thing of the past?

No. I can do those too if you want. And can combine the two sessions, if there is somewhere suitable to set up a background and lights.

But nowadays, a lot of people find them too formal or corporate for the jobs they are doing. They want to express their personality and show a more relaxed side of them.

Reaching your target audience is about forming an emotional bond with them. How better to do this than through showing some of your personality?!

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