Rhubarb Leaves & the verbal uses of Rhubarb

Did you know when extras in crowds are asked to create a hubhub of background noise, they are told to say rhubarb to each other many times. Apparently it creates the right level of background noise without any sharp jaggedy consonants standing out.

Photographing Rhubarb Leaves

I just love rhubarb leaves – so huge and magnificent. I wanted to present them as a bouquet but they hardly suit a delicate vase. So… I asked my model (teenage son) to cover his hands in earth (had to pay him more for this!), and set him against a dark background.

Equipment for Photography Shoot

Canon 5D mark III

100mm lens

Gentle splash of off camera flash Canon 580ex

Spare cash for my son!


Experienced photographer with many years photographing people and families, as well as shooting and styling food.