My love of elderflower knows no end… here it is suffusing its flowery aromas into my water kefir. My kefir is one of my many ‘pets’ that need feeding, nuturing, and in this case, burping, on a regular basis.

“Kefir” literally translates to “feel good”. As a drink, it has been enjoyed for centuries for its exquisite taste and health benefits by many cultures around the world. It is similar to milk kefir, but if you are intolerant to dairy like me, it is a good option.

The Kefir grains are a a living mother culture that live in water, and I feed with sugar. They metabolize the sugar, and the finished drink is alive with beneficial bacteria, yeasts, organic acids, and enzymes. CO2 and trace amounts of alcohol are also produced. I double ferment my kefir which makes it less sweet and fizzier. The final drink is a light, slightly fizzy drink, a bit like a gentle apple cider. I flavour on its second fermentation with a variety of things – elderflowers, lemon & ginger, pink grapefruit (works really well), and any fruit in season.

I got started on the fermented food journey to help with my gut nutrition and immune support – looking to ensure a healthy microbiome in my gut. I will put up a longer post soon about my serious health issues and how I have used diet and care of my gut to nuture myself back to health.


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