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In my mail this week was this bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Antichi Frantoi Francescani from www.sfoodle.com   I am a massive fan of olive oil and can while away an aperitif or two, with a saucer of olive oil & delicious bread… but only if it the olive oil is good. So how would this one stack up? It’s a lovely yellowy green colour, and the olive oil is quite creamy & soft on the palate, and yet with a vibrant peppery kick. It’s this pepperiness that makes it great just as a dip for fresh crumbly bread.

Enough bread eaten, what about a simple but nutritious lunch… My favourite simple go-to lunch when busy is houmous lettuce parcels. Usually I spice these up with paprika, salt, pepper etc. So now I tried the houmous parcels with some drizzled olive oil – it works wonderfully. Lunch sorted.

Extra virgin olive oil is made by cold pressing means – no heat or chemicals – with a resulting clear olive flavour with low oleic acidity. The point is that this is basically olive juice and should be used in a way which takes advantage of the flavour. Extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for frying – far better for dipping bread in, drizzling on to salads or soups.

This one is made from Italian olives, produced in Umbria, from a blend of oils.

For more info go to www.sfoodle.com @sfoodie #oliveoil #extravirgin


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