Wild Garlic Time of Year

Certain walks round us in Hampshire turn into a green mass of wild garlic at this time of year. You have to wander far off the path in an attempt…

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Wagyu Steak & Chips anyone?

When you have quality ingredients as good these, life is pretty good. Australian Wagyu steak, thin cut chips and some salt and pepper is all you need. A lot of…

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Gluten Free Pizza

  • Post category:Savoury Food

This is delicious... & just fantastic for all those like me who need to avoid gluten. Kids love it too. Sweet potato and a gluten free flour such as rice…

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Rocket Pesto toasts

Lunch: Delicious rocket pesto & mozzarella toasts. Rocket as the local shop didn't have basil, and snails had eaten what I had planted in the garden. Even better as my…

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Steaming hot Baked Potato?

  • Post category:Savoury Food

Deliciously simple? But you have to be a bit careful eating lunch in my household... as food may have been tampered with, and in this case, not all steam is…

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