Most importantly, we aim to have fun on these sessions!! It’s basically a walk in the park, with a little bit of posing along the way… lots of chatting and laughing… and me with my camera, sometimes trailing behind, sometimes directing a bit for the best light and position.

Costs & How it works

I offer a bespoke service, usually coming over to your house or meeting you on a location of your choice such a local park, stately home, or your holiday home, beach etc. I love photographing outdoors – beautiful, soft, natural light, gorgeous colours through the year, and stylish architecture to create fabulous images. The session fee is £150 at weekends, and £125 on weekdays. This includes the session, and all advice pre- and post the session, including a private online gallery for you to view the images. Frames, prints, albums & digital images are extra – please contact me for full details.

At a few times a year, I offer MINI SESSIONS – a shorter session that takes place in one location. I will post information on these in News, or contact me to find out more.

Babies & little ones

With babies, I come over to your house and the session will be indoors in the comfort and warmth of your house. I will stay as long as it needs to ensure we get lovely images of waking time and sleeping. With younger toddlers etc, then it is still best to start in your house and then maybe nip outside for a short session.


Sessions on location often last approximately one and half hours. Though this does depend on where we go etc. If I come to your house first, and we go out, it may take longer. I never book two sessions close to each other – to ensure that I have as much as is needed for your family.


It doesn’t need to be bright sunshine – cloud cover, and even light spring showers are all fine. However, miserable heavy rain is not OK! We can do a ‘rain-check’ on the morning and reschedule if need be.


I will help you with any questions and can advise on what looks best – I will send you a pdf full of information on all this before your session.