I often get asked if my images are for sale – the answer is yes, of course! Just contact me. They are also available in other sources. Some, which are shot specifically for a company are not. But I shoot so much, a lot in my kitchen for fun or practice… and a lot of these are some of the more creative, fine art side of my work. For some time now, I have put those images on to stockfood.com – a fabulously specialised food & drink stock website. http://www.stockfood.co.uk – and search Cath Lowe. And now I have just put my toe in the water of another –¬† https://www.picfair.com/cathlowe¬† http://bit.ly/1CoPqqH – a few images for sale, posted here below. Or just contact me!


200_Necker Island - British Virgin Islands Red Causeway and Sea_0320 205-British Virgin Islands Palm Trees and Sea-J09_MG_0285 206-Yachts at sunrise Caribbean_2812 070_Kitten in a Christmas Stocking_7919 073_Kitten on a Skateboard_7933 253_Lavender  in Lavender Fields_6653


Experienced photographer with many years photographing people and families, as well as shooting and styling food.