Most importantly I hope we have  fun! It’s basically a walk in the park, a little bit of posing along the way… lots of chatting, some throwing of leaves and laughing. And, me with my camera, sometimes trailing behind, sometimes directing a bit for the best light and position.

Costs & How it works

I offer a bespoke service, usually coming over to your house or meeting you on a location of your choice such a local park, stately home, or your holiday home, beach etc. I love photographing outdoors – beautiful, soft, natural light, gorgeous colours through the year, and stylish architecture to create fabulous images. The session fee is £150 at weekends, and £115 on weekdays. This includes the session, and all advice pre- and post the session, including a private online gallery for you to  view the images, and an image viewing at your house if you wish. Frames, prints, albums & jpegs are extra – please contact me for full details.

Sessions are usually fun! A walk in the park – just with me tagging along, occasionally interfering to ensure the best light, beautiful backgrounds, or just to encourage leaves to be thrown or flowers picked etc.

At a few times a year, I  offer MINI SESSIONS – a shorter session that takes place in one location. For more information see below.


Sessions on location often last approximately one and half hours. Though this does depend on where we go etc. If I come to your house first, and we go out, it may take longer. I never book two sessions in a day – to ensure that I have as much as is needed for your family.


It doesn’t need to be bright sunshine – cloud cover, and even light spring showers are all fine. However, miserable heavy rain is not OK! We can do a ‘rain-check’ on the morning and reschedule if need be.


I will help you with any questions and can advise on what looks best – though you feeling natural and looking good is the main thing! I always suggest bringing a change of clothes – possibly start smarter/more co-ordinated and then relax a bit. More clothes also allows for the allure of muddy puddles etc!

Babies & little ones

With babies, I come over to your house and the session will be indoors in the comfort and warmth of your house. I will stay as long as it needs to ensure we get lovely images of waking time and sleeping. With younger toddlers etc, then it is still best to start in your house and then maybe nip outside for a short session.


The session fee is due at the time of the making the booking, to hold the date, and is not refundable. However, if you need to reschedule and give three weeks notice, then we can move the session. Unfortunately any later than three weeks makes it unlikely that I would be able to fill that date, and so the session fee will be lost. Obviously if weather or illness is an issue, then we can reschedule.


                                                 MINI SESSSIONS


I am delighted to announce myMiniSessionJpeg 2014-12-16

– One Fine Art print, with its
corresponding print-ready digital image
– A 20-25 minute session
Special price @ £95
Book @

Two dates:




– One print @ 7×5 with its corresponding digital jpeg
– a 25 minute session
– a welcome guide from me to help you to make the perfect outfit choices
– an online gallery of approx 20-30 images to choose from which will be online for 2 weeks

– The chance to purchase more prints @ £25 each, or the print with its digital image @ £55 each, as well as frames etc

*This would cost more than £250 if part of a bespoke family session



  • An excellent opportunity to update your family photos with some gorgeous individual images of your children and family.
  • A mini session lasts about 25 minutes. Because of time slots, mini sessions are less suitable for extended families, or for those with particularly shy individuals.
  • It will be in a lovely location, and we will stay in the that location, rather than move around as we would in a bespoke family session.
  • After the session you will be able to view your images on a private online gallery, and make your choices from approximately 20-30 images. The gallery will be up for two weeks for you to make your choices.


  • An full average shoot for a family is approx 1.5 to 2 hours, giving time for a number of different locations of your choice, with changes of clothes, to ensure a variety of different shots. It allows time for different moods, reactions and energies between siblings (and sometimes pets!).

After a bespoke session, as well as the online gallery, I offer a personal viewing, where I would show a slideshow and help you to choose products ready to enjoy at home.


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